Thursday, June 9, 2016

Published - 2033 Boy Friend Shirt for Australian Girl Doll

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The perfect flannie shirt for Emily

I was so pleased with how well this design converted to the 20" size. Maybe I am just getting better at drafting the 20" pattern from the 18" pattern. I have gained a bit of a feel for what is required to tailor the fit for the Australian Girl Doll over the last year.

I was going to hang onto this pattern until I made another sample but it was obvious that the fit was perfect and the instructions are the same as for 1833 so I have just put it up.

Just a couple of differences. I didn't include the cut in shoulder pattern because the Australian Girl Doll shoulders are narrow compared to the AGD so it didn't seem a worthwhile option. However, it will be easy to taper the armhole from the under arm to the seam line at the shoulder to get a cut in affect if you choose. Just start halfway up the armhole and taper to the dashed seam line at the shoulder.

I have also included a pocket pattern in the 2033. Pockets are such a pain on the smaller 18" design. I haven't included instructions for the pocket but there is a placement guide and it is pretty straight forward.

Also with the collar. The AGD needed a narrower collar for the tie but the Australian Girl Doll has a different neck so she just has the one collar pattern.

I will get around to making some more samples soonish and will add the photos to Facebook and the pattern listing. I have plans for a white shirt and I guess I should make one with the contrast button band and collar and cuffs.

Meanwhile, the girls are just hanging out.

You can purchase this pattern on Etsy in USD or on Craftumi in AUD.
The Craftumi prices will stay the same regardless of the exchange rate.

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