Friday, June 3, 2016

One Way to Style the Boy Friend Shirt - Doll Clothes Style

I just love this look with the jumper over the shirt and the cuffs turned up. She is being 17 years old today.

Boy Friend Shirt outfit

Lea is wearing the Boy Friend Shirt in white linen.
valspierssews pattern 1833 Boy Friend Shirt. This pattern will be published soon along with 2033.

The simple little jumper is a variation of valspierssews pattern 1801 Knit Tops.
I used the front and back pieces cutting them out at the usual length. After I sewed it together I turned up the hem so it just skimmed the hem of the shirt at the sides. I cut it to leave a 3/8" hem.

The sleeve is the long sleeve cut off at the line for the sleeve with a band. Then I turned up the 3/8" hem. This made it a bit shorter than usual so I could turn the shirt cuffs over it easily.

The actual trousers in the photo are my attempt at jeans with a separate elastic casing for the waist band. I thought it might be easier than regular jeans but not really.

The look of the ugly waist band when you lift the shirt is not worth the effort. I had toyed with the idea of publishing a pattern but I have decided it is much more sensible to make my Fly Front Jeans pattern (1815 or 2015) to get the front pockets or to make my Gathered Pull-ons pattern (1813 or 2013) for a really quick and easy design that still looks good when the waist is exposed. Something in between for difficulty is my Flat Front Pull-ons (1812).

I was so happy with the outfit. The jumper knit I got from Spotlight as well as the linen for the shirt.

I have just bought some white rayon to make the shirt for the Australian Girl Doll. I will be saving some of this soft draping fabric to make the Fashion Shirt version of the shirt with puffy bishops sleeves and a fold over the button band to hide the buttons.

It is such fun designing outfits. I have been learning and experimenting with lots of techniques meant to improve the final product for the small size of doll clothes. Many of them are the same as for people clothes but some need to be adapted. Look out for my blog posts on how to sew doll clothes. I have one planned for each week of June.

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