Sunday, December 25, 2016

Prototype for New Pyjamas Pattern

Pretty quiet here today. Just us two this year.
I had a need to fill the time with designing and sewing.
This one is part of a pyjamas collection.

It needs some buttons down the front. I will probably instruct you to put those on before sewing on the skirt. I wasn't sure if I wanted to have it open or not at this point.

The flounce needs to be 3/4" longer.

I have also adjusted the overall ease for the pattern and added a bit more depth to the armhole.

I will be checking the new changes out on a front opening top and my cute yoga cats flannel.
I can see all sorts of possibilities for variations with this one.

It will come with boxer style long and short pants and nighty length flounce and maybe short gathered sleeves. Of course you can add to the ideas by using my 1801 Classic knit tops pattern. The only change I have made to the neckline is to enlarge it to 102% so it would also be possible to add collars from 1804 Round Neck Dress if they are enlarged to 102% as well. You can also have no front opening and put some trim down the centre front. I used my pom pom trim for the cuffs on this one.

Lots going round in my head and some ideas for free things made out of rectangles.

Happy Sewing,