Monday, October 24, 2016

A New Design: 1850 / 2050 Godette Skirt

valspierssews doll clothes

This new doll clothes pattern is for an elastic waist godette skirt that will fit both the American Girl dolls and the Australian Girl dolls.
This very cute skirt pattern also includes a very cute headband pattern as a bonus.

There are no instruction pages for the skirt so I have put some help photos on this post. It is not hard to make.

Once you have cut out the fabric use one of the pattern pieces to mark the dots on each godette inset. I found this was easy if I cut a little hole where the dot is on one of the pattern pieces.
Do the same for each panel piece.

I set my machine to do the merest hint of a zig zag. I even keep my 1/4" foot on. The stitch is not quite 1mm or 1 on my dial. I find this seems to feed the knit better than using straight stitch and I don't have to use the zig zag foot.

Stitch one side of the godette insert to one panel. Stitch the other side of the godette insert to the next panel.

Finally stitch the top part of the two panels together.

Press the seams open. Continue around the skirt to make a complete circle.

The knit fabric doesn't need the seams finished in any way. I didn't do anything with the woven fabric seams either but I would think pinking the edges after stitching would be fine.

Don't be afraid of knits. I got a little pleat because the top layer stretches a bit as you sew.

Who's going to see it once the dress is on the doll?

You can make the skirt a bit shorter by cutting off the seam allowance from the waist edge of the panel pattern piece before cutting out your fabric. The green skirt is the original length. The pink skirt is a 1/4" shorter.

Use the Elastic Waistband Module for the waistband. See my Sewing Modules Page.

Believe it or not this waistband is some patchwork woven cotton that almost perfectly matches my knit fabric. You can't use the knit fabric for the waistband. Trust me I have tried, more than once, and it just makes a globby stretchy mess.

The pattern file contains:
  • a title page with links to my blog
  • a sewing card with basic information that doubles as an envelope front
  • the sewing card has links to this blog post and to the Sewing Modules Page
  • an envelope back
  • full sized pattern pieces for both the skirt and the headband
  • Pictorial tutorial instructions for the headband
I have also added a QR code to the Sewing Card so once it is printed out you can still scab the code with your iPad or phone and get to this blog post. You can download free QR code readers from the app store.

Happy Sewing,