Friday, October 14, 2016

Putting a Box Pleat in the Free A-line Doll Clothes Skirt

Here is another easy variation for the A-line skirt.

Valspierssews Doll Clothes

You can get the original pattern from my Facebook Page. It is a pinned post.

Box Pleat
Just take your front pattern piece and place it 1 inch from the fold instead of on the fold. This gives you 2" to make the pleat.

Fold the front in half with right sides together. Place the folded edge 1" from the needle and stitch down 2".

Form the box pleat and stitch across the top edge to hold it in place. Press the whole pleat. Sew some top stitching down the CF.

Finish making the skirt.

Free 20" Doll Pattern
I have made a pattern for the 20" Australian Girl Doll that will be on Facebook soon. I used the pattern to make the pleated version so now I need to make a basic version for some photos to go on the title page.

20" Skirt Pattern Fits Pleasant Company 18" Dolls
I tried the 18" size on my old Kit Kittredge doll and found it just a bit too tight. So then I tried the 20" size on her and it fit pretty well. It overlaps at the back a bit more so you have to make your velcro patch a bit bigger to close properly.

I have been busy drafting some more complicated versions of the A-line skirt with panels and pockets. I will be publishing these in my shop in the not too distant future. Look out for them.

I love sharing my designs but it is also nice to get payment for all the time I spend on the computer making my patterns. The fun part is the sewing and designing. I have deliberately set my prices at just enough so I need to sell about 200 to get paid for my computer skills for each pattern I publish.

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