Wednesday, June 7, 2017

An A-line Skirt to fit the Australian Girl Doll

I found this draft post while looking at the A-Line skirt pattern and thought I should put up the 20" 
A-Line skirt pattern here because I can't find it on Facebook anymore. The 18" skirt is in the pinned post on my Facebook page.

It is such fun to create. I have published a free pattern for an A-line skirt that fits the 20" Australian Girl Doll. I am not in any way affiliated with Australian Girl Doll®. I just love the dolls.

The 18" A-line skirt was not suitable for the 20" doll because it is quite fitted. Unlike a dress, the skirt waistband has to fit snugly.

I demonstrated how to do a front box pleat by making the 20" skirt so to publish the 20" pattern I had to make it up with no pleats because that is the pattern you get. It is easy to put in your own pleat. See the post Putting in a Box Pleat.

I was feeling a bit patchworky so I decided to applique a pumpkin onto the front of the plain A-line skirt. The cute applique will fit onto the 18" skirt as well.

Happy Sewing,