Monday, May 14, 2018

Free Hobo Bag Pattern for 18" Dolls


While making designs for my pattern business I often come across ideas that are great for making up for the doll but are really quite simple as far as construction or pattern pieces goes.

The cute hobo bag has only one pattern piece that you cut out 2 main and 2 lining. Construction is easy but has a few steps. I figured this was a perfect design to offer for free.

The pattern file was first offered through my newsletter and was quite popular so I have offered it as a content upgrade for this blog post. In order to get the pattern file I ask that you sign up to my newsletter. It is OK if you have signed up before and missed the hobo bag pattern. You can still sign up here to get the bag pattern.

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Happy Sewing,

If you haven't got the free V-neck pattern piece that goes with 1827 you can find it HERE