Thursday, May 10, 2018

Look Forward to this New Doll Clothes Pattern Coming Soon


I have so much fun designing all sorts of doll clothes. They don't all become published patterns but this one is just so cute and so easy to make I had to take it through to be published.

There are 3 variations for this Pieced A-Line Dress.

The one with the pleat was the initial design but I could see that the other 2 versions were logical additions to the pattern. I always like to include several views in all my patterns.

With just a little bit of taping you can create a single piece for the front so you can make plain A-Line dresses. With just a couple of snips you can also create different shaped pieces for the front of the dress. This is something I will be exploring when I get a chance.

I was so pleased that I had a set of the buttons made for covering with the dress fabrics. These ones are just 11mm wide and a bit fiddly to cover but well worth the effort. I ended up putting stick glue on the circle to get it to stay in place while I put the back on. With the back pushed down a bit I gradually pushed in any stray edges.
The only real trouble I had was with the first circle that I cut to the size recommended. It was too small! So I cut all my circles 1/8" bigger all round.

The armholes on this design are a bit lose without looking baggy so there is plenty of room to add a thin turtleneck underneath. I suggest scooping the front neck a 1/4" lower in the centre to create a jumper dress.

Look out for this pattern in my shop in a week or so. (May 2018)

While making this design I made two other A-lines of different widths. One a bit narrower and one almost straight. It is just A-line enough to fit over the hips. Once I have played with these ones a bit I will put the pattern and my ideas for it in the shop.

In the meantime if you would like to have a go at drafting your own A-line dress you should watch my video on You Tube. You will need the bodice of a round neck dress that fits your doll.

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