Friday, January 11, 2019

How to Make Doll Quilts Part 2

This is the progress on my quilt. I have a finished flimsy.
Doll quilts from little squares are easy and fun to make unique. You can read a bit about the history of doll quilts in Part 1
If you aren't a quilter with a stash of wadding in the cupboard...

...then you can use a towel as wadding or even as wadding and backing in one.

My flimsy is on a bath towel. Whatever you use as wadding trim it so about an inch sticks out all around. You would be surprised how the wadding shrinks as you do the quilting.

I'm going to do some simple quilting diagonally on this quilt.
I will use my wadding and back it with pale pink and do the binding in the same pale pink.

I am making a photo tutorial to put in my resource library on

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I will blog the basics next week once I have the quilt finished.

Quilts with little squares offer lots of variety. Doll quilts are so quick to make so you can attempt more complex designs, not just rows of squares.

You can make a simple quilt unique by adding
  • some applique
  • changing up the layout
  • and/or using colour to create shapes and designs
I love this wall hanging with the heart applique.

This one has an extra border of smaller squares.


One of my favourites is just rows of squares with a binding. You can make your quilt any size. You can make quilts with different size squares. Using 3" squares in a 4x4 layout makes a cute quilt and is very fast.


This is how my quilt turns out.

See part 1 HERE

Happy Sewing and Doll Dressmaking,