Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lots of Tote Bag ideas and a Witch Costume in the making

I have a really neat skivvy/turtleneck pattern that I want to put up on Craftsy for free as a sample of how great my patterns are. While I was thinking about what to say with the pattern I realised that my first pattern - The Applique Doll Tote - was set out completely different to my more recent patterns. Since it is for sale I had to update the layout and tidy up a few lines in the pattern pieces so it matched the others.
It has taken me a few days to do this in between riding my bike and walking on the beach and visiting the new house being built and playing with lots of new tote bag ideas. I tend to get a bit carried away with the sewing though. Every time I finished one tote bag I had a new idea I wanted to try.
Here are the ones I made before calling it a day. I still have a few more in my head.

Download Fashion File No. 1 with the pictures and some instructions on how to get the look. I have based them all on the Applique Doll Tote pattern that I have for sale.

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I have lots of Fashion Files planned so customers can get the most out of their patterns.

I am now working on a witch costume that has a top with pointy bits around the waist and I bought some sparkly orange tulle to make a skirt. Already I want to make a princess dress with the same pattern from my pink satin and pink chiffon. This pattern has been very satisfying to create. Here is a quick progress photo. I can't wait to start playing with the felt hat:) I plan to publish it next week.