Tuesday, September 9, 2014

10 Minute Doll Necklace (Halloween Charm)

Make a cute doll necklace in 10 minutes from a a few easy to find craft shop items. No special tools. Just a pair of pliers and scissors for the fine chain.

I dabble in a lot of crafts. Beading and making jewellery is a lot of fun. When I tried the square neckline witch dress on my doll I realized she needed a necklace.
I went to my stash and found several metres of silver chain with fine links that need to be cut with scissors and a pair of earrings with owl charms that I bought at Melbourne Markets to use as zipper pull charms.
I have more packed away somewhere, but we are in the process of moving so I don't know where!
Off to Flash Harry's to get some supplies. Flash Harry's is what I call a junk shop. Everything is new but not everybody wants it. They do have a good lot of craft supplies.

I bought some jump rings, some parrot clasps, some key charms, some cord ends and some joiners. These cost me $10 for the 5 packets. The necklaces were 3 for $2.

This is what I made.

It is easy to do.

I cut 8 1/2 " of chain for the owl necklace. Opened and closed the jump rings with the pliers on one side and my fingers on the other.
Parrot clasp - jump ring - slide on owl on a jump ring - jump ring on the other end.

I cut my ribbon necklace in half and used the parrot clasp end. Slide the key charm on, on a jump ring. Gather the ribbon ends in the cord end and squeeze the little arms closed with the pliers. Add a jump ring and an adjusting chain. I had several of the adjusting chains in my stash. You don't really need it but it looks nice.

The key charm hangs a bit lower than the owl so I cut 7" of chain for that necklace.