Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Snugfit Witch PDF doll pattern - a little witch, a big witch and a princess all in one.

This has been a big project mainly because I kept wanting to add to it as I went.
I have included lots of instructions for those who haven't sewn clothes before. I realise that gathering with a gathering thread or applying elastic are not normal things for patchworkers so there is a bit more detail than I would normally do.

I had to add some witch's britches because the short skirt was quite short. I only had navy stripe knit but I think they would look great in red and white stripe.

The hat was a bit of a challenge. I had to use my maths to get the circles and slopes right but it fits perfectly. I wish I had a pumpkin brooch to add to it.

The big witch has a much more grown up look and I wanted to try a skirt with lots of gather. The look is helped a bit with a long tulle petticoat.

I thought not everyone is into witches and I could see how I could make a great princess costume without much change. The hardest part was sewing on the roses by hand.

The little buckle here is a plastic scrapbooking embellishment. I bought a bag of them from the craft shop for $2.00. It looks great. The ribbon roses are also from the craft shop.

The pattern includes pattern pieces and instructions to make everything.

See lots more ideas for using your pattern and the bonus pieces I have included in this blog post.

You can see how to make the necklace here.

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