Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Progress on the Snugfit Witch

I have been really enjoying playing with this design. The plan was to make a cute witch costume for Halloween but after I made the short skirt little witch version I thought it would look pretty awesome with a long black skirt.
Once I did the long black skirt I thought this design would look great as a princess dress in pink satin so I had to go and get some pink satin. I already had some pink chiffon that I thought would look nice as short sleeves.
The sleeve pattern curves on the bottom edge as well as the top edge and I discovered that curves are not good for the rolled hem foot. I had to re-do several sections in the centre of the sleeve hem.

I finished off the princess outfit and decided to play with the sleeves a bit more. I didn't really want to make another witch or princess outfit so I looked at my design and figured it would make a great Regency style dress if I just cut the bodice a bit shorter. To fix the sleeves I just cut the hem off straight and hoped it would still look OK. As you can see they still look great.

I have been learning so much about the fit of sleeves making doll clothes. I didn't like the way the sleeves sat in the princess dress because I gathered them nearly to the side seam edge. The sleeve above I only gathered to within 2" of the side seam making it really puffy in the top. It still looks alright but I am thinking I need to do another test garment and gather the sleeve to within 1" of the side seam.
The garment I have in mind is a shirt waist blouse using the Snugfit Anna bodice and the Snugfit Witch sleeve with some pin tucks in the front and the pointy collar. I think it will look perfect with the long black skirt. She will look like an old fashioned shop girl.

It is difficult to see in these photos but I made some ruffles for the front of the dress bodice using my ruffler foot. They didn't really ruffle enough so next time I will try tension 7 and stitch length 3 instead of stitch length 2. There will be lots more chances to put ruffles on things.

The ribbon is just tied around the bodice and has a bow at the back. I thought if I sewed it on it might look a bit rough and wrinkly.
I got this fabric for a good price at my Spotlight store. The pretty stripe has a slightly raised white floral design printed on it.

Yes. Believe it or not this dress can be made from the pieces in the Snugfit Witch pattern. I can't wait to get it published. Hopefully next week.