Thursday, February 5, 2015

Organising my Doll Clothes Patterns

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When I started designing I just had one folder. Now that my collections are growing I need more folders and I need to know where to lay my hand on that great idea I was working on or exactly where to put away a pattern envelope that I had out.

I used my Covers and Spines collection from my Mom's Toolbelt downloads the Swirly look. Everything looks so neat now and it only took me 15mins to do. The PDF file has text boxes that allow you to write your own titles as well as lots of ready made titles for the months and the days.

Inside the folders I have my own divider pages and pattern envelopes to keep things organised.

These come ready to print out in all the patterns that I sell.

I have been working on a cute apron today and I have all the paper bits in my ideas folder so I won't lose any of my original drawings. Once I get the envelope and divider page done the finished paper pattern pieces will go into the Doll Designs Mini Folder.

Can't wait to get the apron pattern out there. Should be this week.
Have a look at Mom's Toolbelt. She also has some free samples.

Happy Sewing,