Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Story of My Bubble Skirt Pattern

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Bubble Skirt Doll Clothes

I know everyone likes free patterns and I intended to make the bubble skirt part of the skirt with a yoke collection for free.

As I tried on the first trial in the lemon knit I was elated at how good it looked and how easy it was to make and instantly made one in red satin. This is where I hit a snag. I could only just fit the lining over the hips and this affected how the skirt hung. It also looked much sorter than the knit skirt. What was going on? I used the same pattern pieces.

I worked out that if you just use the yoke for a regular skirt it all fits perfectly. As soon as I extended that measurement down past the hips to make the bubble skirt lining it got a bit tight.

After enlarging the pattern a bit I got a much better looking skirt in the satin. I also took a lot more care to get the gathers lined up properly. In the first test they look a bit spiral. You just need to adjust the gathers to line up neatly before sewing the centre back seam.

The top skirt is the improved version. I also realised that the woven fabric bubbles out more rather than draping so it looks shorter than the knit skirt. I had to make the lining and skirt a bit wider to account for this.

So this is why I decided to put the bubble skirt pattern up for sale. I had to make extra samples and then I had to draft separate pattern pieces for knit and woven fabrics. I have included the knit and woven options and I have included pattern pieces for the yoke and lining so it is just a matter of cutting them out. No fiddly measuring of strips.

I did leave the skirt strip for you to cut yourself but if you cut a strip the right width from a piece of paper you won't need a cutting ruler or rotary cutter. Just fold the fabric in four and pin on your paper strip.

Just for February I have included the cute T-shirt pattern with the skirt free of charge. This means you can make an outfit. (Update - The t-shirt is no longer included)

If you are looking for a way to store the patterns I have up for free why not register at Craftsy.
Once you have an account the free patterns appear as links just like purchased patterns do in Etsy. This means you don't lose them on your computer and you will be notified if I make any updates. The same goes for patterns you purchase on Craftsy. Etsy links can't be updated once you purchase the pattern.

Both shops have their benefits. I like the Etsy interface and the ability to convo people easily but I like the free listing on Craftsy and all the video classes that are available. Also, because I pay for Etsy services they look after VAT for me.

The first time you register for Craftsy through my affiliate links I get a small commission for introducing you.

You can purchase the 1831 Bubble Skirt pattern on Etsy and Craftsy for just $2.50 USD.

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