Friday, February 12, 2016

Mix & Match Doll Clothes: Creating a Wardrobe Capsule Part 2

Using a Formula to Choose Fabrics

Auditioning fabrics from my stash for the next capsule
The fabric formula

I wanted an easy way to collect a set of fabrics to make a wardrobe capsule made up of a variety of garments that would all work together. I am not a natural at this so I needed a way to make it easy for me.
What better way than a formula you can use over and over no matter what you are making.

In its simplest form it consists of 5 fabrics.
  • A floral or pattern with 3 or more colours suitable for a top and dress
  • Solid colour 1 to match one in the floral suitable for trousers or skirt
  • Solid colour 2 to match another colour in the floral suitable for trousers or skirt
  • Solid colour 3 either different of a lighter shade than 1 or 2 suitable for a jacket
  • Neutral colour to match the floral suitable for another top
  • Possible extra for a scarf if needed

With some basic garments in mind I set about collecting some fabrics.

It is necessary to have an idea of what colours suit your doll or you if you want to make your own capsule wardrobe. There are lots of colour analysis sites on the web but the one I have found simplest to use is here at Personality Cafe.

I am writing a little PDF book based on this Wardrobe Capsule series and I go into colours in more detail. I have also started making colour charts like the one in the photo at the top of the page so you can print it out to take it to the shop. The publish date will be sometime in March I hope.

Wardrobe Capsule 1 - Feminine Spring Outfits

Part 2 - Choosing the Fabrics

To make a doll clothes wardrobe capsule for spring you will need:

  • A floral or pattern with several colours suitable for spring. 

I made a blouse (1806) but if you buy 0.5 m or 1/2 yd you will have enough to expand your capsule with a dress in the floral as well.

  •  A solid colour matching a colour in your floral, suitable for pants or a skirt.

I made simple pull ons (1813) with this fabric. It is a light weight slub weave polyester. It would also be suitable for a blazer or Chanel style jacket to match and expand the capsule at a later date.

  • A second solid colour matching another colour in your floral, suitable for pants or a skirt.

This one is a chiffon style fabric that I thought would be good for a skirt but not so good for trousers so it limits me a bit. I was choosing these fabrics from my stash so I had to use what I had. If I was buying it now I would have bought something a bit heavier so I could use it for trousers as well as a skirt. This is one of my free patterns.

  • A solid colour medium knit either lighter or darker than the trouser and skirt fabrics.

This knit fabric is from a child's cardigan. It is a similar colour but lighter shade than the green trouser fabric. This cardigan is made from pieces in 1801.

    • A neutral colour fine to medium knit fabric - cream, white, black, beige, grey.

    I chose a cream medium weight knit suitable for a tank top or 3/4 sleeve top made using 1801. It could also be used to make an infinity scarf to increase the accessories or used to make a cardigan.

    • A filmy chiffon suitable for a scarf.

    You can choose a plain or patterned chiffon for a scarf. The colours fit with my solid colours with some pinks and greens. The scarf can also be worn as a hair ribbon. The infinity scarf is one of my free patterns.

    Keep a note book with swatches of the fabrics and garment ideas.

    I made my plans in a note book using swatches of my fabrics. If I want to expand on a capsule I can take my note book to the fabric shop and find a few more coordinating fabrics.

     The adjusted formula for my Spring Capsule looks like this:
    • Woven floral
    • Woven solid
    • Woven solid 
    • Knit solid
    • Knit solid neutral
    • Chiffon for the scarf
    The formula has worked really well for two more capsules that I am creating. It is a good strategy.

    Next week I will be looking at the patterns I chose to make the garments and offering some ideas to get you thinking about a summer capsule. It pays to plan ahead.

    Happy Sewing,