Friday, February 19, 2016

Mix & Match Doll Clothes: Creating a Wardrobe Capsule Part 3

Capsules enable you to get the most out of your patterns

Spring Capsule
I love the 'bad girl' look

So far, you have an idea of what garments you want to make and you have used that to select some suitable co-ordinating fabrics. Now what do you do?

I have quite a few patterns available for sale now and I thought it was time to start making some outfits based on 2 or 3 patterns. I am very proud of the patterns I have published so far and I am also pleased that my vision of providing a set of basic patterns that can be used for lots of design ideas is starting to take shape. I have only just started on my Fashion File collection. My Fashion Files are pattern hacks that show you some of the potential of the basic patterns.

I would love to have a wardrobe full of co-ordinating clothes that I could put together to make lots of outfits and I thought that my dolls would probably like that too.

My original Spring Capsule uses 3 purchased patterns.
Since this Spring Capsule was my first capsule I thought I should stick with some pretty basic designs, all of which I had patterns for. I suggest that you do the same first time round at least.
I sold my original Spring Capsule so I have included some photos of version 2. Version 2 is more of a Sporty Casual style but still 2 tops, two bottoms and a jacket.

You can see pictures of the original Feminine Soft Spring Capsule in Part 1 and Part 2

Version 2 uses 2 more patterns but I could have made a sleeveless hoodie jacket without the hood from 1801 and used the cap sleeve in 1801 to make the sparkly t-shirt and stuck with just the same 3 patterns.

Based on my formula of:
- 2 tops
- 2 bottoms
- 1 jacket

I have a sleeveless open neck blouse. This is easy to make. Depending on your sewing skills or pattern collection you could make a shirt with collar and stand instead. I want to try a shirt with the shoulders cut in close to the collar like a halter neck but I will have to wait until I finish making the shirt pattern. Version 2 has two knit tops.

A white relaxed fit tank top and sheer gathered skirt.
Nice for school with sneakers.
I also have a tank top. Again, an easy one to make. There are lots of ways to finish the neck and armholes. Hemming is the quickest. There are also some free tank top patterns out there. My 1801 Classic Knits has a variety of basic styles for all seasons. You could make several tank tops in different colours or patterns to suit the bottoms or even match the bottoms so you get a dress or pants suit affect. Just add a belt.

Sparkly slim fit T-shirt with the skirt.
Off to the school dance with cute shoes.
Add a jacket and swap the shoes and
she is off to the movies with friends.

For bottoms I suggest one skirt and one trousers just to make the outfits look more different. A gathered skirt looks cute and feminine. You could add a second ruffle too. I have a free hanky skirt just about to be published that will give you a full circle flared skirt to add to the yoke for a flared skirt option.

Nothing says 'attitude' like black tights and boots,
even with a cute skirt.
If you want a party looking outfit you can use shiny fabric and add a layer of gathered tulle under the fabric ruffle. The skirt has lots of possibilities for making different looking outfits. I really want to try a pleated skirt with the cut in shirt and maybe a tie so she looks like a cool school girl.

Pop on the gathered pull-ons and she is ready for
a farm excursion or hiking.
Swap the shirt and shoes and she is ready for
a play date.

The gathered pull-ons can also be found free around the web. I think mine are better and worth the small cost. I just made them up plain for speed and a non fussy look. You can always add applique or pockets or top stitching to give them a different look. My 1813 Gathered Pull-ons have quite a narrow leg and not much ease at the waist so the fit is neat. My 1812 Flat front pull-ons have a wider leg and a generous back gather and of course the flat front looks good with shirts tucked in.

For my jacket I decided on a cardigan to fit with the feminine style I was going for. It is easy to make from a knit shirt pattern that has long sleeves. I used my 1801 Classic Knits pattern with just a few adjustments. I will go into how I made both versions of my Spring Capsule next week.

Nothing wrong with double denim.
  • Blouse (1806)
  • Tank Top (1801) The sparkly t-shirt is the one I included with the Bubble Skirt pattern but there are some free ones out there that look similar.
  • Skirt (Free)
  • Trousers (1813)
  • Cardigan (1801) The denim vest is a prototype of my denim jacket to be published soon.

The purchased patterns I used for my original Spring capsule are:

See my Free Patterns Page  and my Fashion Files Page for more ideas.

Next week in Part 4 I show you how I made the garments and what adjustments I made to get the look I wanted and more suggestions for getting the most out of your basic patterns.

Happy Sewing,