Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Working on new Valspierssews Doll Clothes Patterns and 'Fixing' a Few Things

1869 progress sample

I have been away for a week visiting my mum. I do that every couple of months. It means that I am away from my computer and all my files so sometimes I have to put off 'fixing' some things until I get home.
I had one customer find that Etsy said the file was no longer available even though I had updated the listing and updated the file. When I got home I made a whole new listing and even renamed the file before uploading it. Hopefully that fixes it.
I also had a lady ask me about a very old design. The Applique Tote is actually the very first pattern I published when I was using Craftsy. It was archived, but now it will have new life breathed into it because it was requested with great enthusiasm. If you don't know it, it looks like this:

and you can make all sorts of other designs from the basic pattern. The applique design is based on my own tote bag that I bought in Rome.

So I will be working on getting this pattern up to scratch. It is not quite hand drawn but pretty close to it so it needs redrafting on the computer. Shouldn't take too long.

I have been adding to the options for the kimono sleeves and drop shoulders. You know there is the T-shirt peplum top and the trapezium dress. The trapezium dress is quite unusual.

I now have the little jacket that is reversible and very cute. This is the first trial. I really like it but I will be including a bit more on the cuff length and another collar that comes together more if you want to do it up to the chin.
This jacket and several other bodice designs with similar sleeves will make up the full retail pattern along with the free t-shirt and trapezium dress. The t-shirt and trapezium dress designs will be free in the Oct No.1 2017 newsletter.  Make sure you subscribe to keep getting free patterns. Some will only be free in the newsletters but may be available later as a published collections for sale.

This is my sample, made up in flannelette and plain homespun. I wanted to test it with something of medium thickness so you can use light coat fabric. I will be making my good one with a light rugby knit type fabric and printed cotton. It looks really good with a belt too.

I have started drafting several more designs. One is a collection of cute looking school dresses. The pattern will include all the designs for around $6 AUD.

It will take me a while to get this one out because I have to make up each design at least once.

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Happy Sewing,