Thursday, September 7, 2017

Creating Doll Clothes with Valspierssews Patterns

I so love creating different garments from just one set of pattern pieces.

My patterns are designed with this in mind.

With the exception of several Fashion Garment Patterns all my patterns are like slopers that can be used to make variations on a theme.

I started out making a trapezium shape dress with a high waisted bodice and kimono style sleeves. It has now become a cute t-shirt with a gathered peplum skirt.
Because the high waist is at exactly the same height as my 1804 dress pattern I used the gathered hip length skirt for the high waist dress straight from the 1804 pattern envelope. Saves a lot of drafting time and experimenting time and fabric.

My first October Valspierssews News will have a link to the Trapezium dress pattern which can also be used to make the t-shirt.

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  • As you would expect this bodice design can be used for all sorts of dresses and tops so at the same time I will be publishing a shop pattern with all sorts of variations in sleeve length, and dress style, opening at the front for a jacket or coat as well as the designs that were free in the newsletter.
  • All is possible with just one basic kimono sleeve sloper.
  • But you won't have to do all the experimenting. I will do that and draft all the variations as pattern pieces. I'm excited at the possibilities. I love designing and sewing.

It looks pretty good on the 20" Australian Girl Doll too.
The latest pattern that I am reviewing is my quite old 1820 Bulky Knit sweater and dress. I will be making the instructions a bit clearer. I have gained so much experience over the last year with my sewing skills and writing instructions and I have improved my diagram details as well. The pattern pieces will stay the same.

Current Promo photo for 1820 on Etsy
Updated files are always free if you already have the pattern.

I will be publishing the updated file on Etsy towards the end of September. It will have the original designs as well as some revised sewing methods and more detail on sewing knits.
If you already have the pattern I want to work out a way for customers to get the pattern without me having to send it to each individual. Not sure what I will do yet.

I will be doing some extra instructions to create this cute sweater with the high neckline from the 1820 pattern. The number sweater uses the low neckline.

The scarf and headband are made using my free Infinity Scarf Pattern (see my Free Patterns Page)

When the revised file goes up this jumper will be the new promo photo.

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