Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How to sew doll clothes: Lining a kimono sleeve bodice

Pattern by Valspierssews

This is a photo tutorial that goes with my Trapezium Dress and T-shirt pattern No. 1868/2068. It is both 18 and 20 because it fits American Girl 18" dolls and Australian Girl 20" dolls.

Pattern by Valspierssews

Stitching up the side seams of the lined bodice is a bit difficult to represent in diagrams so there is a link to this post on the title page of the pattern that you purchase.

After you have stitched the main bodice to the lining around the neck and back edges and the hem edges of the sleeves you trim the seams and clip the curves. Then you turn it right side out and press it.
The next steps are for the side seams.

Place the bodice flat on your bench. I have marked the critical points with my big safety pins. First you bring together the underarms of the main fabric only.

This bodice is the longer bodice not the high waisted bodice
you are supposed to use with the Tapezium Dress. I didn't
realise I had cut out the wrong length until after I had sewn
on the skirt. I had to unpick it and cut the bodice shorter.
One day I will learn to follow my own instructions!

Next you bring together the waist edges of the main fabric only.

Then you have to pick it all up and move the lining out of the way a bit so you can bring together the ends of the sleeve hem seam. I nest the seams one to each side.

Bring the underarms of the lining together.

Then pin the waist edges of the lining.

You get a donut. That's what I think it looks like anyway.

Stitch the seam. Trim the seam. Then carefully clip into the underarm of the both the main and the lining.

Hold the sleeve in your hands so your thumbs go inside the main sleeve. (My other hand is holding the camera).

Pull the main fabric through until you see the lining.

Leave the sleeve lining inside the main sleeve. Smooth out the sleeve hem seam. Press it. Top stitch around the sleeve hem edge. Turn up your cute cuff.

Happy sewing,