Saturday, April 21, 2018

1870 Module 4 Side Seams for Reversible Jacket

To make the jacket reversible you need to stitch the side seams this way. You finish the bottom hem edge after.

The heart fabric is my lining. Lay the jacket flat.

Lift the lining ...

...and separate the lining and main at the wrist seam

Fold it and bring the ends of the wrist seams together. Pin.

Move along the lining bringing the edges together and pinning.
Match the underarms.

Bring the side edges together. Lining back to lining front and pin
at the hem edge.
Do the same for the main sleeve and side seams.

You get an odd looking ring.

I pin with the outsides facing me but I sew on the inside of the ring.
If your pins are at right angles to the edge this is easier.


Clip into the corners at the underarms. Finger press the seams open.

Put your thumbs in the main sleeve and use your fingers to start turning it
right side out.

Keep working it right side out.

Stop when you see the lining.

Try to keep the seams open as you bring the main and lining together along
the sleeve and side seams.  Press.