Thursday, April 23, 2015

Add-On Bibs and one Collar

The latest bib joins in at the waist. I cut out a half circle peplum skirt but thought it looked a bit too much like a uniform. Definitely a good look for a gym or tennis dress.

I then tried the full circle peplum. I will show this peplum length on the pattern but I think it could be a bit longer so I put on some extra length options.

The next option is a collar really, not a bib. It is meant to extend over the shoulders rather than be sewn into the seam so I had to put a back section on it as well so it becomes a collar. I am going to make mine separate from the dress but you could stitch it on around the neck like a regular collar.

This dress design, with the drop waist and circle skirt is one I saw on Pinterest. I wanted the waist to shape in so I used my Snugfit Elaine shirt pattern with a few simple straight line changes. I then cut down the waist on the circle skirt so it fitted the slightly wider hip section. I have included this line on the full circle pattern as well. I will do a fashion file on how to get this design if I like the final look.

The bibs will be published as 1404a Snugfit Add-On Bibs and the circle skirt will be in 1410 Snugfit Irene. Also look out for the sundress and singlet to be published soon as 1407 Snugfit Frances.

Follow my blog on Bloglovin or Like my page on facebook to see what I am working on. I would love some suggestions for what you would like a pattern for next. I love working out if I can make a design from the pattern pieces I already have too. So some ideas can be very quickly worked out and published in a free Fashion File.

Happy Sewing,