Friday, April 17, 2015

Add onto the basic dress

Snugfit Add-ons is another one of my ideas. I thought it was silly to offer different looking dress patterns that all used the same bodice pattern so instead I have been working on different shaped bibs that just sew on the front bodice. There are already a number of sleeves you can use from different patterns. The tucked sleeve on the green dress is coming soon with 1410 Snugfit Irene along with a few more sleeve variations.

The bibs are slow in coming because I have to make a whole dress to test them and show them off. So far I have the scalloped bib and half pointed bib. I have the others drawn up but not made up.

They are designed to fit straight onto the bodice of 1404 Snugfit Carol. Since I updated my Anatomy of a Gathered Skirt it is quite a useful resource. It has been a few months since I made a dress so I quickly checked up how wide my skirt strip had to be to make it knee length.
If you haven't got it yet you can download it for free from this blog post

I am also working on a strappy dress that will be perfect for making singlets too. Snugfit Irene is nearly done. I have to try out the pleated sleeve variation first. I also have another fashion file in my mind to make a nighty or dress with a yoke made by cutting the bodice of 1402 across just above the under arm. Should be a snap. Don't forget you can swap sleeves and collars between my patterns or use the pockets on other styles. The vest is the only one that is different because it is cut to be sleeveless.

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