Friday, April 10, 2015

Hippie Style

Working pockets seems to be quite a selling point for doll clothes patterns. It is not the pockets that make the pants though. It is the cut of the pattern. It is easy to start with a good pants pattern and add any kind of pocket you like.  I hope I inspire some of you to give it a go.

So, first up is a variation on 1813 and 2013 Snugfit Mildred by using the pockets from 1812 and 2012 Snugfit Martha. I used the patterns for the Australian Girl Doll, 2013 and 2012.

Trying to reduce the number of pieces I print I have folded the pattern pieces rather than cut them.

Cut out two pockets from the main fabric or lining fabric. Cut out two more pockets from the main fabric or a contrast fabric but this time cut straight up the side edge and straight across the waist edge so you square off the top corner.

This time I just pressed the fold line over the pattern piece. My marker wasn't going to show on this fabric.

Pin the regular pocket face down on the pants front and stitch with a 1/4” seam around the short curve only.

Trim it back to the seam allowance then clip the curve.
Trim it to 1/8”. Turn and press. Topstitch around the pocket opening.

Line up the square cut pocket piece using the pattern piece. 

Mine didn’t align perfectly so I just trimmed it even.

Stitch the pocket edges together. I just overlocked mine.

Put the back pockets on. Because the fabric was thin I made the patch pocket as I did in 1412 Snugfit Martha. (Denim is a bit thick to double up the patch pockets.)
Complete the bell bottoms as per the 1413 Snugfit Mildred pattern. 

Next is a blouse from my very first blouse 2002 Snugfit Anna. It will have a wave hem and flared sleeves and a slit at the neck. I want it to complete the hippie look.

My goal with the fashion files is to provide some inspiration. I love to play with my patterns and spend a lot of time testing and trying new things. I figure if I blog about how I did something it will make life easier for other keen doll clothes sewers.

I cruise around Pixie Faire sometimes and can't believe there is a pattern for pyjama pants and a pattern for shorts and a pattern for yoga pants and a leggings pattern and a skinny leg pattern and a wide leg pattern and a pattern with pockets and a pattern with patch pockets and a pattern with a flat front and a pattern with a gathered waist and a pattern for crop pants and bermuda shorts and they are all $3.99 or $4.99 and sometimes dearer.

I have two pants patterns out that can pretty much do all of the above. My third pants pattern will be one with a separate waist band and I think that will be pretty much it for any kind of trousers that you might want to make. My patterns are $2.00 each on Craftsy and $2.50 each on Etsy.

The slogan I have come up with is:
Great price, Great Fit, Easy to Read and Innovative.

I say innovative because many of the pattern pieces, such as collars and sleeves and pockets and skirts, can be swapped between designs.

I post my blog posts to my Facebook page so if you Like me on Facebook it is easy to see when I do a new pattern or a new Fashion File. 

You can download the instructions for this fashion file as a PDF.

Happy Sewing,