Monday, April 13, 2015

Pieced Pants from regular pull-ons for dolls


In 2018 I made these pieced pants into a stand alone pattern for the 18" size. It is Pattern No. 1885

I am going to make these trousers from 1813 Gathered Pull-ons

I drew these from a drawing I found on the internet. Front on the left. Back on the right.

Print out the boxers view 4 front and back and the extensions. For Australian Girl Doll use 2013.
Cut the extensions into front and back and attach to the top sections to make a separate front and back with long-long length.

Pinch the bottom edge of the back to find the middle. Draw a line down the centre of the back. Cut the back along this line.

On the front pattern piece measure along the inseam from the mid-long line 3” and put a dot. I used the mid long line because it corresponds with the finished length of the pants. I had to judge the height of the pieces using the finished length.

Measure along the side seam line 1 1/4” from the mid long line and put a dot.
Join the points to get the angle piece for the front.
Place the back and front side by side and mark the dots so they are level with the dots on the front. Draw the line at the correct angle across the side back only.

When cutting out:
I am going to add an extra 1/4” at the hemline so I have plenty of room to make a casing for 1/4” elastic.

I am going to add 1/4” seam allownaces to the centre line edges of the back pieces.

I am going to add 1/4” seam allowances to the angle edges.

The side seams I just cut level with the paper pattern.

Join the pieces. Top stitch along each seam as you sew it. By top stitching you don't need to neaten the seam allowance for the section.

Overlock all the edges on all the pieces if you want to press the seams open.

Join the side seams then make the trousers as for 1813 Gathered Pull-ons View 1.

When you do the hems, overlock the raw edge then turn up 1/2” and stitch close to the fold and the edge to make a 1/4” casing. I threaded 5” of elastic at the ankle and finished like the boxers waist casing. 

I hope you have a go at these. They are really easy. 

Happy Sewing,