Sunday, April 12, 2015

New Pattern: Gathered Pull-ons this time

1813 Snugfit Mildred has a narrower leg and complete gathered waist compared to 1812 Snugfit Martha. You definitely need both patterns :)

Mildred also has a bell bottom pattern piece and fuller boxer shorts with no side seam.
There are lots of options.
There are the straight pants.

Then the bell bottoms.

The applied casing.

Then the boxers or PJ pants.

The pattern instructions are formatted with the intention of them being read on the computer or a tablet. You just print out the pattern pieces and envelope design and folder divider page.

Though this time I have included a text only version of the instructions to be printed out.

Instruction pages.
In Adobe Acrobat you get a book mark panel. On the iPad the photos can be pinched out to enlarge.

Pattern pieces are vector drawn.

Envelope to construct to keep pieces together on your work table.

Folder divider page to keep the files in order when you take out an envelope.

T-shirt is made from 1801 Knitfit Lucy. The Australian Girl Doll Clothes will be numbered with 20 to reflect here size. Look for 2001 for the t-shirt.

Annabelle's PJ shirt was made from 1806 Snugfit Elaine just enlarged to 106%. Look for specially tailored Australian Girl pattern 2006.

You can get the new 18" trouser pattern on Craftsy now.

Happy Sewing,