Tuesday, March 27, 2018

5 Things You Need to Know When Designing an 18" Doll Dress


Valspierssews patterns are great for mixing around fashion elements to get different custom looks. But not everything is meant to go together.
I used the regular collar from 1804 instead of the narrow collar not even thinking about the collar touching the sleeves. It was also my first go at growth pleats. However, I knew it was going to fit perfectly because all the patterns in the Snugfit range use the same basic sizing. I'm just being a bit picky because one day I will put this design in my shop as a Fashion File.


I have learnt some great tips while creating this one that can be applied to all sorts of custom dress designs.

  1. Use a narrow collar when you have very puffy sleeves or don't use a collar at all.
  2. Don't use growth pleats on fabric that has faces or images of cartoon characters or people.
  3. Make your growth pleats more than 1/4".
  4. Make your growth pleats close together.
  5. Make the ties for the waist from a strip folded in half so it is double sided rather than a single layer strip with rolled hem edges.

You can see how the collar bumps on the puffy shoulder of the sleeve.

You can see how the rabbits have their faces shortened. The pleats just look a bit too narrow for the skirt. They also seem to be a bit too far apart.

The sash is difficult to tie so the wrong side doesn't show. This would be OK with most plain fabrics.

When I make the next dress in this style I will be applying the things that I learnt from the bunny dress. Once I get it perfect I will be putting up some instructions so you can have a go at making it for yourself. It uses pattern pieces from 1804 and 1810. The skirt with the growth pleats is new and I will be putting up the measurements for that when I am sure it is just right.

In the mean time you might like to make a dress like this one using the same sleeves from 1810 and the pointed bib from 1804a. It uses the skirt and bodice from the lined version of 1804.

Look out for the next blog post featuring my improved design.

Happy Sewing,