Thursday, March 29, 2018

Spring Dress for my 18" Doll


I was really happy with the concept of this spring dress. After I made the Easter dress I realised I needed a few changes to the design. The fit was perfect because I used pattern pieces from other Snugfit Range patterns. I have designed them specially to be swapped around so you can create favourite designs you see for little girls or easily create your own custom designs.

Based on the things I noticed with the Easter dress I have;

  1. Used the narrow peter pan collar from 1804
  2. Used a floral pattern without an obvious design that will be affected when I pleat it
  3. Made the growth pleats 1/2"
  4. Made them look closer together (by making them wider)
  5. Made the ties from a strip that I folded in half.
  • One more thing I did was go back to the narrower sleeve band that is in the 1810 pattern. I just think it looks a bit daintier than the wider band I created for the Easter dress.

I have to admit I would call myself awkward when it comes to trims.
With lace I have trouble choosing the right sort and deciding where to put it.
With braid I have trouble with scale and colour.
I consider myself great with buttons and pretty OK with ribbon so I use buttons a lot and ribbon bows at the neck or ribbon stripes.

The growth pleats don't show up in the photo very well.
They look nice in real life.

The only thing I think I could have done different on this dress is to have used a narrower rick rack around the collar so it would sit better.

I love the improvements I made  and think I will be doing more designs with that sleeve. There are a few more things I can try with that particular shape. 

If you like this dress design you can make it for yourself following the instructions I will post in a few days. I just need to get the Fashion File kit ready for the shop. The kit is a great way to file the design in your collection but the DIY version is a great way to get a new design for free if you already have 1810 and 1804. You can buy these two patterns in my shop.

Happy Sewing,

In the post with the instructions I will include free skirt pattern pieces with the growth pleats. I am experimenting with some automatic emails and signing up to get the free things I offer on my blog. Each free file leads to its own mailing list so even if you already get my newsletter you will need to sign up to get the free file offered on any of my blogs of late. When I do something else with the pattern related to the free file I will send out an email to that particular list. 

As I work on the automated emails there will end up being 3 or 4 emails after you get the free file suggesting new ideas or suitable patterns to combine with it and the like. As usual, you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

I love designing these marketing actions almost as much as designing the doll clothes. It certainly works the mind.