Sunday, April 17, 2016

Skater Skirt Doll Clothes Pattern for American Girl Doll and Australian Girl Doll

 Skater Skirt

Since I came to the decision to style the girls as 7 years old, 12 years old or 17 years old it has been much easier to make up the outfits.

Hair and shoes seem to make quite a difference apart from the clothes design.

I made the pink skirt from quite a heavy fabric but I loved the colour. I had to make the elastic casing a fraction wider after making this pink skirt.

When I got around to making the quilting cotton skirt for the Australian Girl Doll the casing still wasn't quite wide enough so I put another 1/8" on it. Hopefully that works.

I love this new top that I designed. It looks so sophisticated. Lea (above) is modelling the I'm 17 look today.
I had to add a 1/2" to the length of the skirt so it would look good on the Australian Girl Doll. I don't think she can carry off the I'm 17 look as well as the American Girl Doll but the off the shoulder top just about does it. I will be publishing this top soon. I need to make it in a few different fabrics first.

This cockatoo fabric is very Australian for Emily. 

I'm 7 years old.
Here is Lea again but this time posing as a 7 year old in her all pink outfit.

I made the blue skirt from 8 way stretch fabric. I think you call it 8 way or maybe it is 4 way. Anyway it is very stretchy like lycra. I figured the waist band could act as its own elastic so I cut it the same length as the elastic and made the waist of the skirt a bit smaller to fit it. You just fold it in half and overlock it on.

I'm 12 years old.
Jennifer is modelling my 12 year old look. The t-shirt is a bit tighter but still fairly modest.

This fabric runs if you pull it but with the hem cut in a circle it stays pretty neat. I didn't bother to sew the hem on this one.

You could also make this skirt with just elastic as the waist band. I haven't tried this yet but I described how I would do it in the Pictorial Tutorial. There is also elastic that should show that has a fancy edge but I will let you work that one out.

Get the Skater Skirt combined with the Hankie Skirt from Craftsy or Etsy

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