Friday, April 22, 2016

Update to instructions for 1802 Round Neck Blouse

valspierssews doll clothes

It is difficult to put yourself out there at the mercy of product reviewers.

I always read my reviews and make every effort to clarify instructions or make improvements and then update the file.

At present I am doing my own review of my early patterns and making some minor changes so they are nothing but 5 star quality. I have left them in the shop as I work through them because there isn't anything actually wrong with them but I am finding that my increased experience with doll clothes sewing and design enables me to find better ways to do things or explain things.

It seems that 1802 was less than perfect in the instructions so I have made some sections more clear.

I also included a sentence about my use of notches. Because doll clothes are so small it is not usually feasible to make notches that match two pattern pieces together.
But sometimes a mark is needed:

  • to show which side of the collar you sew or 
  • to show where you put your gathering threads or 
  • to show which side of a pants yoke is the waist edge. 

You don't need the notch on the collar to show how it fits on the neck and you don't need the notches on the sleeve and bodice to show how the sleeve fits in and you don't need the notch on the yoke to position it correctly.

I know it can be frustrating to start making a garment with your good fabric only to find that you make a mistake because the instructions weren't clear. I am always willing to offer advice or further explanations if you convo me in Etsy or email me from Craftsy.

I have started my Pattern Update News page so you can check if you have the latest version. Just contact me if you think you need the update.

Happy Sewing,