Sunday, April 17, 2016

Adding Lace to a Sleeve Band for Doll Clothes

I am always trying out new ways to use a pattern. While updating 1810 I decided to add some lace to the sleeve bands as well as using lace instead of the bib insert.

Trouble is, every time I do something different it means I have to explain what I did if I want to use the sample garment to sell the pattern.
Rather than put more instruction in the Pictorial Tutorial I have put some photos in this blog post and made a link to it from the cover page of the pattern.

The Bib
Pin the lace in place. Stitch around the neckline.

Trim the ends of the lace.


The Sleeve Bands

Stitch the right side of the lace to the right side of the band
with a 1/4" seam allowance.

Turn under the edge with the lace. 
Just the same as if you had no lace.

Fold the band in half to cover the seam allowances.
Stitch close to the lace edge to secure.
The same as if you had no lace.

This particular dress is made with velvet. I didn't think it would be too thick but the extra thickness took up all the ease in the design so it was a tight fit. 
I recommend that you print the pattern pieces at 102% if you want to use a thicker fabric. The design is for light weight fabrics like quilting cotton or poly cotton shirting and rayon.
I want to try a version with sheer sleeves one day. 

There is a pattern piece for the bodice with a scoop neck but it doesn't need the bib insert. I just thought it would be a nice addition.

Happy Sewing,