Friday, April 1, 2016

I Wish I Could Work Faster

I am working hard to get all my early patterns updated to the format I have finally decided on. There are about 1/2 a dozen to go.
I really enjoy making the Pictorial Tutorials rather than the photo tutorials and I think they are easier to read.

Valspierssews Doll Clothes

The latest to get the update is 1813 Gathered Pull-Ons. I don't even offer a link to the photo tutorial any more because I have changed the construction method slightly to make it faster and easier. It has been over 12 months since I first did this pattern and I have learnt quite a bit from experience since then.

I have also settled on a style - 3 styles actually. I will aim to dress the dolls as 7 year olds, 12 year olds or 17 year olds. I probably won't always get it right because I think fashions for young teens look way too grown up so my 12 year old style may still look a bit young for some.

I made a couple of new samples for 1813.
The first one is the boxer shorts done as play shorts for a summer outfit. I made a little top from 1805.

I'm 7 years old.

The second one is capris pants made with the bias casing. Again, a cute summer outfit.

I'm 12 years old

The gathered pull-ons are part of my Snugfit Range of basics. They lend themselves to all sorts of creative design ideas.

Anyone who has bought the pattern can ask for the update. Craftsy members get it automatically. Etsy members will need to "Contact the Shop" from their Purchases and Reviews page.
You can see which patterns have been updated for any reason on my Pattern Update News page.
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