Thursday, June 21, 2018

Doll Clothes Circle Skirt Length Adjustment for 18" Dolls


Creating your own custom designs is easy when you have some well fitting basic pattern pieces.

You can buy my pattern for the cute dirndle skirt with the shaped waist band and suspenders but you don't have to settle for just that design.


I worked out that you can add a 1/2" to the depth of the waist band without affecting how it fits then combine it with the circle skirt from 1827 and you have a whole new look. It is easy to make a few adjustments to the length of the suspenders before you sew them on with the buttons.

I have started laying out my photo tutorials with the instructions written in the photo caption area. I noticed that when you convert it to a PDF to save or print out the photos tend to end up all over the place compared to the body text. However, the caption sticks to the photo.

The circle skirt for 1827 is a longer vintage length but it needs to be a bit shorter and cuter for the suspender skirt design.

Print out the 3 skirt pages for 1827. Make sure you make them 100%.

Cut them out and tape the sections together.

I liked the length of my dirndle skirt. It measured 5" so
I made the unfinished length 5 1/2" for my circle skirt.

Work around the skirt putting marks at the 5 1/2" length.

Make them close together enough so you can easily join them up.

Draw the cutting line by joining the marks.
Cut it off then do the other pattern piece. 

It is now ready to cut out for your pretty suspender skirt. Of course, you can always just make a regular skirt with a straight waist band and put a poodle applique on it.

My newsletter readers already have the custom designs pattern envelope to use for their custom designs. Just print it out and put it together then draw the new suspender skirt design on the doll outline. Pop in your new pattern pieces.

I haven't gotten around to putting a link to the custom envelope pieces in my blog but I will soon. Look out for it.

Some of my favourite customers have already made up the suspender skirt as in the pattern and with the wider waist band. I know some of them aren't keen to do much drafting so I will be publishing this wider waist band and short circle skirt in my shop soon. I just want to make a matching blouse pattern before it goes up. So look out for those too.

Happy Sewing,