Monday, July 2, 2018

Easy velcro patches on doll clothes. Much better than strips.

I always use velcro patches instead of strips.
This is a vintage blouse with piping.

I love piping but I am definitely not a fan of putting piping on the collar. However, I am really happy with how it turned out.

I will probably stick with piping on the sleeves, a plain collar and coloured buttons to match the piping. It looks great. I will put up some pictures soon.

Today I am working on acute vintage blouse that goes with any of the suspender skirt patterns I am making.

Skirt 1882 is in the shop for just $4 AUD.  It is teamed with 1806 Open Neck Blouse.
See how you can make a circle skirt version here or keep an eye out for the circle skirt version in the shop.

The vintage blouse will be published soon. Keep an eye out.

I like to use just three patches on a blouse.
Do the top and bottom first then just centre the middle one by eye.
I will not line a garment unless it has no sleeves or no collar. I find lining for the sake of it just makes the garment stiffer and less normal looking. The front facing I have drafted fit very neatly into the shoulder. You would never know there is just a facing.

The hooks go on first under the right front.
Then the loops go on top of the left front.

I lay the fronts like this so I can position the loops.
Just hold it in place to put it under the needle.

All done. It only takes a few minutes.
It is easy to close and open and the small pieces
are easy to get out of the hair if that is where they end up.
Ready for the buttons.
I have used matching thread in the bobbin so the stitching hardly shows.
I think I used a velcro strip on my first ever garment and never again. I am really happy with the patches. You should give them a go.

Happy Sewing,