Saturday, July 21, 2018

1883 High Waist Suspender Skirt Doll Clothes Pattern by Valspierssews


If you have been waiting for the high waist suspender skirt with the circle skirt then I am happy to announce that you can now purchase it in my Etsy Shop.

The two suspender skirt designs are very cute and very 50s looking. Especially if you add the vintage blouse with the piping.

There are two styles for the circle skirt. View 1 has the front cut on the fold and View 2 has a centre front seam and is cut on the bias. The skirt with the CF seam is perfect for plaids, checks and even stripes.

I did my bias cut version out of a light weight wool fabric to make a winter outfit. The bias cut makes it drape nicely. For the top I made a turtleneck from double knit ponte fabric using my Classic Knits pattern that will be out soon.

You won't find any knit patterns in the shop except the easy-t just yet because I am revamping the original 1801.  The original was a bargain but it was a bit over the top for inexperienced doll dressmakers. I got a bit carried away in the early days thinking that everyone could just throw together any option they liked from lots of pattern piece variations. 

Slight adjustment for light winter fabric

If you want to make a winter suspender skirt I explain in the high waist pattern that you will need to make just a slight sewing adjustment for the waist band. All you need to do it stitch each end of the waist band at 1/8" seam allowance but the top edge is still 1/4" seam allowance. This makes the waist band about 1/4" longer allowing for the thicker fabric in the skirt as well as the thicker fabric you may want to use for the sweater top. You will also need to adjust the back facing of the circle skirt down to 3/8" instead of the usual 1/2".

Because this design is simple as far as I am concerned it will go up at $4 AUD like the other simple suspender skirt design. My usual price is $5 AUD (about $3.70 USD) with the occasional more time consuming design up around $6 to $8 AUD.
You may find that each year I add a bit more as sales drop off on the earlier patterns and my skills improve for the later patterns but my aim is to provide top quality at a price I think is reasonable for an instant download.
I can't compete with the Joanne's sales on tissue patterns but I also think a pdf download that you can print out on sturdy printer paper and renew whenever it gets a bit rough, makes instant downloads better value.

I have lots of great instant downloads in my Etsy Shop.
Make sure you have a look around when you pop over the get your copy of 1883 High Waist Suspender Skirt.

Happy Sewing,