Thursday, July 12, 2018

Free Pattern Envelope for your Fashion Files

I am so happy to bring you this great way to keep your custom designs in order.

There are so many Fashion Files that you can make up for yourself or you can just use my instructions to make the ones I think of.

Trouble is they need to be filed away so you can find them again.

If you make up an envelope with the altered pattern pieces you can see at a glance what they were for.

If you create a PDF file from my blog post with the instructions you can keep it with your 1872 files. You may want to refer to the drafting instructions for patterns you already have that you can play with. You may want to experiment with different lengths or necklines.

Some ideas for filing could be:

  • Make up the envelope
  • Download the instructions as a PDF using
  • You can file the instructions and make a note of where they are on the back of the envelope
  • You can upload the PDF to your google drive or cloud then create a QR code to cut out and stick on the envelope so you can just scan it with your ipad and go to the instructions file in your cloud.
  • If you are familiar with Preview on your mac you can put your own text boxes and text onto the envelope

These are just some ideas that I will be expanding on in future blog posts for keeping your custom designs.

The envelope file was for my Newsletter readers so if you would like this file you will be asked to sign up to my newsletter when you click below. There are several confirmation steps then you get an email with the link for the envelope file.

Download your envelope file

Happy Sewing,

Couturier to the Dolls