Wednesday, July 4, 2018

New Vintage Blouse Pattern for 18" Dolls

Blouse with high waist skirt 1883

I know you will love this blouse and suspender skirt combination.


Both the skirt and the blouse are easy to sew.

I decided to put the blouse and high waist skirt up separately because I know some of you will enjoy creating the high waist skirt from patterns 1882 and 1827.

Don't be hesitant about sewing a facing in the front of the blouse. If you line up the seam lines for the facing and the shoulder it all sits perfectly.

I will be experimenting with adding a narrow bias binding strip on top of the collar and under the facing when you sew on the collar but for now I am happy with the seam showing. You only see it when the blouse is not on the doll.

This blouse is part of my Snugfit Range so you can swap the sleeves between this one and the the Open Neck Blouse 1806.

The collar for 1806 is easier than the very curved collar in this vintage blouse and looks just as nice. You can use the piping sleeves to retain the vintage look.

Look out for the high waisted skirt soon. It will be 1883.

You can find the vintage blouse and the regular waist suspender skirt in my shop now.

Happy Sewing,
Val Spiers Sews
Tinker, Tailor, Doll Dress Maker.