Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Full Instructions for 1850/2050 Godette Skirt

Doll Clothes Pattern by Valspierssews

I had pretty much forgotten that the godette skirt only had basic instructions until a lady left a review to that affect. What! I thought. I had a look and sure enough my experiment with basic instructions was still up there.

I decided not to go in that direction and actually I have tried to make the instructions clearer in all my patterns by repeating the instructions for each view if there are more than just small differences. I figured it is easier just to choose a view then follow one set of instructions instead of having to refer to parts of another view.

So, I have written out full instructions for the godette skirt and put them into the listing on Etsy. If you already have the pattern I have contacted you with a link to the update.

You can buy this pattern in my Etsy shop

Happy Sewing,